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Español para Abogados/Spanish for Lawyers

This casebook is the realization of a dream project. It seeks to provide the necessary training to become proficient enough to discuss legal matters with Spanish-speaking clients or colleagues.

The book utilizes a double-pronged approach to teaching law students and lawyers how to communicate effectively in Spanish. It is not just a matter of translating vocabulary. It is much more than knowing how to explain in Spanish constitutional rights or procedural requirements or the legal implications of certain human behaviors.

To communicate effectively with a client or colleague about family law issues, criminal law matters, small business problems, or law-related housing, labor, immigration, or education concerns, the professional in this conversation must understand the cultural, historical, and social backgrounds and experiences of the other party to the discussion. Given the significant differences between the U.S. legal system and society and the legal systems and societies of the countries from which Spanish-speakers or their families have come, learning "legal Spanish" has come to include learning about a great deal more.